About Us

African Coaches League is a Non Profit Pan-African worldwide operation and advocacy movement built toward capacity building, leadership training, exchange programs, mentorship, empowerment and aims to encourage and strengthen bonds of solidarity between all indigenous and diaspora ethnic coaches of African descent and friends of Africa.


To motivate potential coaches, offer a sustained opportunity to the voiceless, underserved and unreached coaches in Africa through the provision of quality enhanced education, health care, nutrition and enabling a peaceful environment with the aim of impacting a productive lifestyle in order to disconnect them from perilous activities and poverty.


To connect, unite, provide sustainable opportunities and welfare for coaches and athletes of African extraction and friends of Africa in Africa and in diaspora.

Who We Are

We are a non-profit organization that operates independently of a government, we are also a group of humanitarian Coaches made up of some strategic thinkers who can adapt quickly and respond to changing and pressing needs to promote coaching education in Africa and for Africans at home and in diaspora.

We are consistent and well organized in delivery of critically important coaching such as sustainable Grassroots Sports Development, Coaching Education, Enabling Coaching Environment, Welfare for Coaches, Empowerment and Advocacy. We have exhibited a high level of integrity and transparency in budgeting of effective action. We have also not failed to acknowledge the importance of Africanized expertise within the NGO framework.

Our Key Ethical Standards

  • Treat and respect everyone equally, regardless of country, language, religion, culture, gender or physical ability.
  • Respect for athletes
  • Be a good listener when occasions for such interaction arise.
  • Be sensitive to the feelings of your fellow coaches and athletes when providing feedback on their training progress and performance during competition.

Propelling Factors

Our drive is centered around 3 pillars, they are:

Indicates our drive to challenge ourselves as a team to creatively overcome obstacles and threats to a better living.


Reflects our intense passion/interest in adding or creating value where little or none exists, thereby positively transforming the life of beneficiaries.


Reflects our good-doing mission to our employees, directors, volunteers, stake-holders.

Core Values










Our Principles

Respect for individual

Responsible Coaching

Integrity in Actions

Uniting all Africans and friends of Africa.

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